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Steel Circus Steam Beta Keys

Steel Circus is futuristic hero sports game aiming for an Early Access release early this year. It is currently its alpha testing stage, and we are inviting you to become one of its very first alpha testers. We are giving out an Alpha Test key for to Grabthegames.com users, and are excited to hear your thoughts on the game. There is no embargo on the in-game content so please feel free to stream or create a review of the game to share.

Beginning and end dates
- Servers will be open for a total of 48 hours.
Start: Saturday, 9th March - 3 pm CET (Vienna) / 9 am EST (NY) / 6 am PT (LA)
End: Monday, 11th March - 3 pm CET (Vienna) / 9 am EST (NY) / 6 am PT (LA)

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